Michigan State Police launch new training session to get future troopers in shape


KALAMAZOO, Mich. - The next wave of potential Michigan State Police troopers are training in Kalamazoo.

State police had a preparation training sessions at the YMCA on Maple Street Thursday. They are looking for new recruits before they report to school a week from Sunday.

Recruit school lasts 26 weeks, and involves a lot of physical endurance. So to help recruits prepare, MSP offered a special training session for the first time ever to get them into shape ahead of time.

Captain Monica Yesh said on average, about 10 to 15 recruits drop out of recruit school in the first week.

"This is something we have not done before and I think this is going to help our instructors at recruit school know where each person is physically and be able to help them from there. For those who can't cut the mustard, unfortunately they'll probably quit the first week," said Capt. Yesh. " I think if we would have had this perhaps maybe in earlier recruit schools we could have retained half of those. so what we want to do is make sure the people that we're putting in our recruit schools are able to handle that."

The YMCA on Maple Street partnered with Michigan State Police to give them free training sessions.

If you want to learn more about recruit school and becoming a Michigan State Police trooper, email

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