Michigan law allowed Quinn James to be hired by East Kentwood School

Michigan law allowed Quinn James to be hired by East Kentwood School.

New information about the murder of 16-year-old East Kentwood student Mujey Dumbuya uncovered by the Newschannel 3 I-Team.

Dumbuya was set to testify in a rape trial, but was later murdered and found near a wooded area of Kalamazoo.

Multiple sources tell newschannel 3 a former employee of the school district, where Dumbuya attended school, is currently a person of interest in her murder.

Investigative Reporter Cody Combs has more information about what the school knew about Quinn James.

On Thursday, Newschannel 3 broke the news that Kentwood Public Schools knew that James had prior felony convictions for an armed robbery in 1991 and weapons convictions in 2003 before he was hired by district as a grounds keeper.

The I-Team uncovered details about the regulations that allowed him to be hired with a record.

A spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Education explained the law, "…the former custodian was convicted of armed robbery, which is not a listed offense, so the district would have been within state law to hire him if the proper district and school board approvals were in place."

Some offenses that would've prevented James from working are sex offenses involving minors.

East Kentwood Schools said it did run a background check, and was aware of the laws, pointing out his prior convictions didn't reach the threshold of not hiring him.

They also pointed out his references and his qualifications.

He was later terminated after the district learned of new allegations.

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