MDOT getting set for February snow storm

MDOT getting set for February snow storm. File - WWMT

The Michigan Department of Transportation is gearing up for the snow storm Severe Weather Center 3 has been tracking in the beginning of Feb. 2018.

Temperatures rising into the middle and upper 20s ahead of a warm front that will lead to a wetter snow, but big blades on plows won't have a problem moving it off the roads.

Traffic will drive other issues.

The ambient heat from vehicles driving over snowy roads will melt it and the melted snow will rapidly refreeze, which will turn a thin layer between cars and snow pack into ice.

Sub-freezing air Friday morning will also render road treatments, like salt, less effective.

"Once it gets cold, we will use a sand and salt mix in some really key places like bottoms of hills, curves, and intersections," said MDOT Southwest Spokesperson Nick Schirripa. "For the most part, it's just trying to blade as much as we can until the temperature is warm enough that the salt will do some good."

MDOT Southwest will run plows non-stop over 63 routes. There are about 85 plows in inventory, and 70 operators on call at all times.

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