McCann pleads no contest to perjury charge in death of Jodi Parrack

CONSTANTINE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - For more than 7 years, a small West Michigan town has wondered who killed a little girl out riding her bike.

Now, more clues are emerging in the death of Jodi Parrack.

For years, Ray McCann has been a suspect in Jodi Parrack's death.

Last year, he was charged with five counts of perjury, and on Wednesday, he bypassed trial and entered a plea.

It's been years of heartache for Jodi's family.

The girl was found lying in a Constantine cemetery back in 2007, and her killer remains unknown.

"Why is he lying? Is he covering up for somebody? Himself, or somebody else?" asked Jodi's great grandmother Zola Clark.

Months ago, Ray McCann, a family friend and reserve police officer at the time of Jodi's death, was arrested and charged with perjury in the case.

On Wednesday, Michigan State Police report McCann pleaded no contest to the perjury charge.

The new momentum brings hope that Jodi's killer will be tried and charged, but McCann remains a main focus for many.

"I don't know what to believe," said Clark, when asked if she thought McCann killed Jodi. "That helpless little girl would never hurt anyone."

Investigators say McCann's story has changed over the years.

They were also concerned with his DNA on Jodi's clothing, and wounds consistent with a set of handcuffs.

Last year, there were enough inconsistencies to bring an arrest, and State Police remain confident there is another still to come.

"We will figure out who caused the death of Jodi Parrack," said Lieutenant Chuck Christensen, with the Michigan State Police.

"If he didn't do it, he was there when it happened," Clark said. "I'd ask him to tell the truth about it."

State Police tell Newschannel 3 that while the case is slow going, it's never gone cold, and they'll never let it.

"We are still waiting on some forensic testing that is in our lab in Grand Rapids," Lt. Christensen said. "We haven't stopped, we are still working on it, we will keep working on it as long as it takes."

With the no contest plea, McCann's other perjury charges were dropped.

He's facing more than a year in jail.

He'll be sentenced in late March.

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