Lockhart search team makes fifth search attempt with no help from husband

Lockhart search team makes fifth search attempt with no help from husband. File - WWMT

OSHTEMO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNNEL 3) - A team that has been searching for two months for a missing Schoolcraft teacher said they haven't received any help from her husband.

The search team was out looking for clues in an effort to find Theresa Lockhart on Saturday morning and Newschannel 3’s Franque Thompson tagged along to report on the ground they covered.

Boots are on the ground once again in the search for Lockhart in the fifth attempt to find the Portage woman since she went missing two months ago.

Kellie Yunginger said, "Someone missing in someone's family is heartbreaking and so what we want to do is let that family know we're here to support them and that we're doing everything we can to try to bring their loved one home."

The Greater Michigan Search and Rescue Team has been on the hunt to find clues since Lockhart was last seen. They said what they are not finding is help from her husband, Christopher Lockhart.

Yunginger said, "I kind of would have hoped that if he didn't have anything to do with her disappearance that he would give us some ideas where we could be searching for her and unfortunately we haven't gotten that."

Chris is out on bond after being officially charged for allegedly damaging his neighbor’s property. He was seen in a surveillance video.

Yunginger said, "Kind of strange, but not in the scope of what we're worried about. What we're worried about is bringing Theresa home.”

The team said they don't know what they'll find in this randomly selected wooded area, but believe it is a good place to hide something.

Yunginger said, "We always try to think of every possibility when we think of search areas and if we don't get a tip as to where we should be searching we look for areas in this case and this type of a case where there's not a lot of activity."

It's activity they hope it will lead them to Lockhart.

Yunginger said, "We need to bring her home. Her family needs to know where she is."

Police said Chris Lockhart is a person of interest in his wife's disappearance and investigators said they are also looking into the case as a possible murder.

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