Local school spent closure time to clean "every nook and cranny" of potential viruses


An infectious disease specialist with Borgess tells Newschannel 3 at least three people have died from flu-related illnesses in Kalamazoo County since the start of the season.

The CDC says 53 children have died across the country.

Doctors say there are no signs the flu is slowing down.

Several schools around the area were closed last week as districts battled the flu.

Administrators tell us they used that time to thoroughly clean.

Kalamazoo Christian closed Friday due to illness, and administrators tell us it was the first time in six years.

“When our absence rate started to climb to 10, 15, towards 20 percent, we shut the doors,” B.J. Huizenga, lead administrator for Kalamazoo Christian, said. “[We] totally cleaned every surface, every door knob, every nook and cranny and to get rid of as much of that virus as we could possibly eliminate to be ready for Monday morning.

Newschannel 3 has put together a list of what you can do to protect yourself from the flu.

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