Law enforcement warns against blowing past school bus stop signs

Law enforcement warns against blowing past school bus stop signs. (WWMT/File)

The Barry County Sheriff's Department received a flurry of complaints from bus drivers who are seeing more drivers blow by the red flashing lights.

In response, Sheriff Leaf has added patrols in problem areas, especially on Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) roads in Hastings.

"We got children crossing the street. Nobody wants to have a bad day and hit and child, because it's bad for their family and everyone on that school bus that saw it," said Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf. "And it's also bad for you, too, because now you're looking at criminal charges and it will affect your family. The ripple affect is horrendous."

Drivers can face a fine of $250 for not stopping when school bus lights are flashing red.

Police remind drivers to stop at least 20 feet away from school buses when their red lights are flashing, unless the driver is moving in the opposite direction on a divided highway.

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