Law enforcement searching for Grinch who stole Christmas lights in Calhoun County

Law enforcement searching for Grinch who stole Christmas lights in Calhoun County. (Video Courtesy: Battle Creek Police Department)

The holidays are a little less bright in some Calhoun County neighborhoods after a Grinch has swiped Christmas lights from nearly a dozen homes, but was caught on camera and police are looking to hunt him down.

The thefts happened over the weekend at least six homes in Battle Creek and two in the surrounding area. The thief targeted homes with Christmas lawn lights.

Police say a Christmas Grinch is on the loose in Calhoun County and after a homeowner caught a suspect on camera, police are looking for help to track them down.

Battle Creek Police Sgt. Chris Rabbitt said, "From incidents we've seen they are hitting from late evening through early morning hours so typically people are in bed already."

The thief targeted homes, like at Jessica Vanderklok's, decked with festive lights,

Vanderkolk said, "It was in the morning, I couldn't tell you which morning it was, but we had fashioned a little cover over it to keep the snow off and that was placed aside from where the laser was and had been unplugged from the extension cord and it was gone."

Surveillance caught the thief on camera ripping the lights right out of the ground.

Rabbitt said, “When he exits the vehicle it is hard to decipher because at a distance it may be a gun holstered at his side by his waistband but again it is hard to say for certain that is what it is."

Police say more than a handful of homes have been hit ...

Vanderkolk said, “Well it was a little sad and knowing that some other folks have had their decorations taken is really too bad because everybody is celebrating the holiday with lights and having fun."

Rabbitt urging homeowners to be vigilant.

He said, "One thing people can do to deter this is some people leave their Christmas lights running through the night, maybe put those on timers, so they shut off right around the time you got to bed. That way it is not a beacon shining all night long."

Police are working to catch the thief before he steals any more holiday spirit and say the thief drives by swipes the lights all in a matter of seconds.

Anyone who has had lights stolen, or has information about the thefts, is asked to contact police so they can track the incidents.

Rabbitt said, "You are taking advantage of people's goodwill this time of year leaving their property out, the community is not going to stand for that. Stop your Grinch-y ways and find another way to get Christmas lights."

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