Kellogg to eliminate 67 jobs in Battle Creek as part of corporate restructuring


More layoffs are coming to the Kellogg Company as part of a corporate restructuring within the Global Growth Team.

A company spokesperson said that as part of the restructuring the company would eliminate 79 jobs, including 67 jobs in Battle Creek.

The eliminations of the other 12 positions would be spread throughout the rest of the United States.

They said the job cuts would affect salaried workers and would take effect Feb. 25.

“Our recent [Kellogg North America] structure changes presented an opportunity to redesign our Global Growth Team (GGT) organization, many of whom have moved into KNA-specific roles,” Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs Kris Bahner said in a statement. “Our leaner and more agile GGT organization will be focused on prioritized initiatives that deliver accelerated growth. To ensure we have the right balance of resources in our Global Growth Team, we announced the elimination of some roles and the creation of others to support new priority capabilities.”

Kellogg has undergone several rounds of layoffs in the last few years.

In November Kellogg announced a restructuring in its North American division, cutting about 30 jobs in Battle Creek and in early 2018 the company eliminated more than 200 jobs at its Porter Street plant after announcing a streamlining of operations.

The company released its fourth quarter earnings report earlier Thursday.

Kellogg lost $84 million, or 24 cents per share. In the fourth quarter of 2017 the company had a profit of $417 million, or $1.20 a share.

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