KDPS on high-alert for busy Fourth of July


The Fourth of July may be winding down, but the parties are still going and Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety officers are on high alert.

KDPS said they could be in for a busy night, because it's hot, which can irritate people, and so many people are going to be out, which can create more opportunities for confrontation.

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Officer Caleb Jones, "Will get a lot of shots fired calls. Some of them are legitimate shots fired, a lot of them are fireworks."

On a night where smoky air and the sounds of summer envelope the city. KDPS officers keep their heads on a swivel. There's no telling what the night may bring.

This is Jones' second summer on patrol in Kalamazoo. His second Fourth of July.

He's spent most of the early hours of his shift pulling people over for expired tags.

Clearing empty businesses where alarms were triggered, but jones knows once the sun sets, things will pick up.

Jones said, "When you're dealing with large crowds of people it's very difficult to pick out who might pop off at this time or it's hard to contain more than if you have isolated incidents that are more common on other days.”

While KDPS will be keeping an eye out for people breaking the law, they are also making an attempt to reach out to the community and establish new relationships that hopefully last for a long time.

Jones would much rather spend the Fourth of July making kids smile, but he said on a busy night that might be wishful thinking.

KDPS said they hope since the Fourth of July 2018 is on a Wednesday it might help keep things quieter, but of course you can't ever predict what's going to happen.

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