Kalamazoo woman fighting cold without furnace

    Lauryn Snider moved from the east side of the state into a Kalamazoo mobile home Saturday. She thought it had a furnace, but do to a misunderstanding, it did not. So she resorted to space heaters as the arctic freeze approaches. (WWMT/Andy Pepper)

    West Michigan’s impending arctic freeze had one Kalamazoo woman pleading for help Monday on social media.

    Lauryn Snider moved from the east side of the state into a Kalamazoo mobile home Saturday. The 22-year-old said the trailer was supposed to have a furnace, but because of a misunderstanding, it did not.

    Snider then posting this message on Facebook: "We are going to freeze to death. We have no furnace and can't afford a new one. I'm begging you, if you know anyone selling a furnace, please please message me.”

    Snider said she is "terrified" of the impending arctic freeze, adding "I have a 2-year-old, not that's he's gonna be here. But I mean, if he didn't have his dad it would be horrible," Snider said. "I have heard that temps are supposed to be so low that you can get frostbite in however many minutes, it's crazy."

    Snider has boarded and taped her windows and hung blankets in the hallways to help trap the heat in the living room, where she is currently running four space heaters, but it's not warm enough or safe enough for her 2-year-old son Lincoln to stay in the home.

    Snider said it has been incredibly hard to be without her only child.

    "I can't stop thinking about it. It’s not something you can stop thinking about because this is our home now. We don't have anything else.”

    Making matters worse, Lauryn has no running water. Without a furnace, she doesn't want to take the risk of having her pipes freeze and burst.

    The Otsego native is hoping to get a furnace from the department of health and human services, but there is some red tape involved, and regardless of the outcome she won't get the furnace before freeze sets in Tuesday.

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