Kalamazoo Public Safety officials discuss plan to reduce murders, shootings in area

Kalamazoo Public Safety officials discuss a plan to reduce murders and shootings in the area.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Kalamazoo Public Safety officials are hoping to reduce the number of murders and shootings in the city with a new strategy.

Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley detailed "group violence intervention" Monday night at the city commission meeting.

It comes after a meeting in late June between police and the leaders of violent so-called "street groups" in the city.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety says it wants to send a clear message.

"This program is about keep people safe, keeping them out of jail, and directing them to the resources they need to be successful. It's as simple as that," Hadley said.

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Michigan will be the point of contact for anyone looking for help, whether it's in finding employment, or helping families get the services they need to help curb crime and improve communities.

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