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Kalamazoo mom reflects on extremely rare pregnancy

Sarah Pasco and her daughters, Chole and Caylin, are pictured in this photo. (Courtesy: Sarah Pasco)
Sarah Pasco and her daughters, Chole and Caylin, are pictured in this photo. (Courtesy: Sarah Pasco)
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A Kalamazoo mom was finally able to see her babies after an extremely rare pregnancy.

Sarah Pasco thought she was prepared after being alerted of her high-risk pregnancy, but the journey leading to the birth of her monoamniotic twins wasn’t anything she could have expected.

"My husband and I joked if it was going to happen it was going to happen to us,” said Pasco.

Monoamniotic twins, also known as Mono Mono or Momo twins, are twins who share a single sac and placenta.

It is rare, and extremely risky, representing less than 0.1% of all pregnancies.

"There is only like 60 cases of this a year in the country, that was like wow,” said Pasco.

Pasco said she had two high-risk pregnancies before, however this was different.

At 26 weeks into her pregnancy, Pasco was sent to inpatient care at the hospital. She left her husband and two kids behind.

"That was scary to think about leaving them for so long,” she said.

Because of COVID restrictions, the family wasn't allowed to visit — especially when Pasco found out she had COVID herself.

"That was just one more thing to add on. I ended up to have to be on blood thinners because COVID can cause clotting. So extra things because of COVID," Pasco said.

Both Chloe and Caylin arrived at 32 weeks, premature by about five to six weeks on June 10th. They were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Now that the twins are 24 days old, Pasco said every week is a step closer to them coming home.

One day when they are old enough to understand, Pasco said she'll tell them about their journey.

"They're really miracles. And so many bad things could've happened. But they fought it. Even in the NICU they have flown through their goals. They're just tough little cookies,” she said.

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Pasco said Chloe and Caylin are still in the NICU but are doing well, and they are gaining weight.

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