Kalamazoo man filed class action lawsuit against GameStop

Kalamazoo man filed class action lawsuit against GameStop. (WWMT/File MGN - Photo: Mike Mozart / CC BY 2.0 )

A Kalamazoo man has filed a lawsuit against a national video game retailer claiming they sold information about him without his authorization.

Robert Horton, of Kalamazoo, filed a class action lawsuit against GameStop Corp and publisher Game Informer claiming they violated the Michigan Video Rental Privacy Act (VRPA) before an amendment was established exempting marketing use of information on July 31, 2016.

He is seeking $5,000 for each person he claims had information sold in violation of the Michigan VRPA between May 29, 2015 and July 30, 2016.

Horton contends in the lawsuit that GameStop made money by disclosing his identification and other personal information without consent.

According to the paperwork filed with the United States District Court Western District of Michigan, Horton bought and maintained a subscription to Game Informer magazine in 2013 and never agreed to sell his information at the time the VRPA was enacted, but before the exemption was put in place.

Horton included in the class action lawsuit anyone who had information sold by GameStop between May 29, 2015, and July 30, 2016.

GameStop Corp is based in Grapevine, Texas and operates over 7,200 stores in 14 counties. The company also runs Game Informer magazine and ThinkGeek.

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