Blood alcohol results will be suppressed for KDPS officer facing charges

Blood alcohol results will be suppressed for KDPS officer facing charges.

A KDPS Officer currently on paid leave due to drunk driving charges will have his blood alcohol test results suppressed in an upcoming trial.

The I-Team was first to uncover that Officer Jeffery Crouse was accused of driving drunk back in October, possibly causing him to crash his car into a stream in Vicksburg. The crash caused both Crouse and his passenger to be treated for injuries.

According to a police report, Crouse agreed to a blood-alcohol test at the hospital, with the results showing a .116 blood alcohol concentration, above Michigan’s legal limit.

Crouse was formally charged with drunk driving and concealed weapons charges related to drunk driving at the time.

District Court Judge Tiffany Ankley, however, agreed with Crouse’s lawyer, who argued that the blood alcohol concentration results should be suppressed due to an error made by Vicksburg police, who initially arrested Crouse.

“In this case, Officer Peterson only stated the words, ‘you are under arrest,’ he did not subject the defendant to his actual control or will, nor did he detain him,” Ankley said. “In fact at the close of the interview, he left Mr. Crouse at the hospital and made no other arrangements to detain the defendant once he was cleared medically to leave the hospital.”

Ankley then announced her decision to suppress the BAC results.

A county prosecutor, however, stated he intended to use alternative methods to make the case against Crouse when the trial begins.

This is not Crouse’s first brush with the law in terms of traffic violations.

During the last 10 years, Crouse has been ticketed for improper turning, causing an accident, and a seat belt violation, among other things.

Crouse was not driving his police vehicle at the time of his crash in October.

He is next scheduled to appear in court on February 26.

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