Kalamazoo High School student attacks teacher, arrested

Kalamazoo High School student attacks teacher, arrested. (File - WWMT)

A Kalamazoo Central High School student was arrested after police say he violently attacked a teacher at school on Tuesday.

The fight happened inside a classroom and was captured on cell phone video. The video shows the student jump on a teacher’s back and put him in a headlock forcing the pair to crash into desks.

Authorities would not say what caused the student to erupt into violence, but officials with Kalamazoo Public Schools fired off a robocall to parents notifying them of the incident and that the fight didn’t result in serious injuries.

Morgan Derhammer is a parent who saw the video on social media and said it is still troubling.

"I was just horrified, as a parent, as somebody of the community, it was just terrible," said Derhammer.

The attack prompted some community members to gather Wednesday evening to discuss way to prevent similar situations.

One parent in attendance said, "This student may be looking at some hefty charges because that teacher who I heard was a really good teacher handled that so well. It's so sad to see these events."

Derhammer said, “"Parents need to start being more on top of their kids.”

She hopes the incident shines a spotlight on teacher safety and better parenting.

She said, “There is no way any part of our community is going to get any better if we don't have better parents."

A school resource officer with Kalamazoo Township Police investigated the incident and tells Newschannel 3 the student is a minor.

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