Judge to hear evidence in Ashley Young's murder, decide if Jared Chance will head to trial

Jared Chance, seen on a video monitor in the courtroom, was arraigned Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018, in Kent County District Court on charges of mutilation and hiding a body. (WWMT)

Prosecutors will make their case to a judge Friday in the death of a Kalamazoo woman police said was murdered and dismembered.

Jared Chance, from Grand Rapids, faces multiple charges, including murder and mutilation of a body, in Ashley Young's death.

Judge denies bond as Jared Chance is formally charged with murder in Ashley Young's death

Last week, Chance was officially charged with murder and three counts of tampering with evidence. Those charges were added to his initial charges of mutilating a body and concealing a death.

Young, 31, was reported missing after a visit to Grand Rapids on November 30. Police said they discovered her body in the basement of Chance's home on December 2 and he was arrested after that.

Chance's parents, James and Barbara Chance, also face charges for lying to prosecutors under oath and helping their son avoid arrest.

Parents of man accused of killing Kalamazoo woman headed to trial

Barbara Chance waved her preliminary hearing during a hearing Thursday, and James chance gave testimony. He was bound over to circuit court to stand trial.

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