January 10th declared the most miserable day of the year in Michigan

Michigan's most miserable day is January 10th according to (WWMT)

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Are you feeling the winter blues a little extra on this Wednesday?

According to - a mattress review and comparison website- January 10th is the most miserable day of the year in Michigan.

The site claims to have researched 30 years of weather data to come up with the findings for each state.

The company looked at Michigan's expected coldest and darkest days and averaged them to pinpoint the most miserable day of the year.

Psychologists say they're spot on.

“Usually about January is when It hits and people are starting to go I’ve got a little bit of depression maybe from the holidays. And also the days are very much shortened, said Borgess Medical Center Doctor Ann Crabb. “All of this adds together. The cold, the snow, the shorter days. All of this adds up to the depression.”

Dr. Crabb says you should watch your habits this time of year, saying that sleeping, eating, or drinking more can be warning signs.

She tells us getting some sun or using a happy light can help make you feel better. Exercise is also important to beat the winter blues.

If those steps don't work, doctors say it's time to give them a call for some extra help.

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