It's a Christmas light fight! Portage neighborhood battling for top prize

The Portage Lexington Green neighborhood is competing for the best Christmas light display on the block! You can check out the lights through Christmas in the neighborhood off Milham and Sprinkle. (WWMT/Jessica Wheeler)

PORTAGE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - One west Michigan neighborhood is hoping to become a destination this holiday season for Christmas lights, and they're having some friendly competition as well.

Newschannel 3's Jessica Wheeler visited the Lexington Green neighborhood in Portage, to see how fun between neighbors has grown into a must-see attraction.

It all started out as a dream of one of the neighbors, and in just 2 years they have 4 times the number of houses participating.

"One of the things from when I was younger that I loved about Christmas was driving around and seeing the Christmas lights with my parents and it's always been a promise of mine that I was going to light up the house for Christmas so letting the kids be able to see the lights and have so many people get involved it's like a dream come true,” said Michael Wallace, who helped start the Lexington lights competition.

The neighborhood started with a friendly lights competition last year. Just 25 houses took part. Now this year more than 100 homes are decorated, many with dozens of displays.

Every night, people can be found walking around and driving the neighborhood to check out the festive lights and unique designs.

This year the competition is a little sweeter, some local businesses donated gift certificates and other neighbors added in prizes for incentives.

Those who live in the neighborhood tell us it's become a family event they now look forward to each year.

"It's awesome, just to see the neighborhood in general lit up. we drive around every single night just because the kids want to go see the lights,” said Tommy Hoyt, one of the many Lexington lights competitors.

If you want to visit the neighborhood, they are near Lexington Green Park in Portage. It's bordered by Sprinkle to the west and Milham to the south.

This year, voting is only open on their neighborhood watch Facebook page, but next year they plan to open it to the entire community.

The winner will be crowned the Saturday before Christmas.

If you want to show off your Christmas light display, upload your photos here. Check out some of your neighbor's lights below:

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