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How to reuse, recycle and repurpose your real Christmas tree

Christmas trees at Wahmhoff Farm in Gobles pictured here. (WWMT/Emirrora Austin)
Christmas trees at Wahmhoff Farm in Gobles pictured here. (WWMT/Emirrora Austin)
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Before you throw out your real tree after Christmas, experts want to encourage you not to let it go to waste.

The National Christmas Tree Association said real Christmas trees are biodegradable, which means they can be easily reused or recycled.

"It's better off to recycle them where they’re going to go back to the earth," said Dan Wahmhoff

Wahmhoff, co-owner of Wahmhoff Farms in Gobles, said there are many ways people can repurpose their tree.

He said one way you can use the tree is to create a habitat for animals.

"Put them in a pond or river or lake for a fish habitat. They can put them in the backyard with a bird feeder for birds to hangout in and be protected in the winter time," said Wahmhoff.

Or use them in your own backyard.

"They can mulch them up and put them in a garden, they can cut the branches off and use them to protect their flower bed," Wahmhoff said.

If you do just want to get rid of your tree, check with your local city, village or township office for specific drop off locations or pick up options.

Kalamazoo tree drop off

A Kalamazoo city spokesperson said people can drop their real Christmas trees off at the parking lot of 322 Stockbridge Avenue through Jan. 31.

The trees are collected and chipped and the wood chips are available to residents for landscaping in the spring and summer.

Battle Creek tree pick up

People in Battle Creek can place real trees at the curb for pickup by Republic on their usual garbage day, starting Sunday through Jan. 28.

Officials want to remind you to remove all ornaments, tinsel, and other tree decorations before recycling your tree or putting it on the curb.

Wahmhoff said you'll know it’s time to take down you tree when too many needles start dropping off.

"We usually keep ours up until Valentine's Day, we’re a little crazier than most," said Wahmhoff.

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