How can you tell if a rock is a meteorite?

How can you tell if a rock is a meteorite? (Zack Lawler WWMT)

Workers at a planetarium in Flint say they've also found some fragments from Tuesday's meteor and a second meteor was spotted in southern Indiana on Wednesday, setting off a second round of meteor mania across the country.

Meteorites can be worth a lot of money, and that's why so many people have descended on southeastern Michigan in hopes of cashing in, but how can you spot a meteorite?

A geologist at Western Michigan University said it is very difficult to find one and that most professional meteor hunters spend some time in Antarctica.

There are several types of meteorites that can be found.

WMU Assistant Professor of Geosciences Joyashish Thakurta said, “One kind of meteorite are made up mostly of iron. Those would be heavy, relatively dark gray in color. There are some other kinds of meteorites that are made up of rock, rocky meteorites, but their surface is made up of tiny granular particles which are somewhat difficult to find in rocks on the earth. And there's a third kind, called stony irons which are very rare, and very difficult to identify.

Thakurta said the difference from your average rock they can feel heavier than normal, but there is no way to be sure without having it tested in a lab.

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