Hospitality House of SW Michigan relaunches campaign for new facilities

Hospitality House of SW Michigan relaunches campaign for new facilities

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The Hospitality House of Southwest Michigan announced today it is relaunching its campaign to fund two new facilities.

It's asking for the public's help in providing spaces for patients and their families to stay while undergoing treatment at Bronson and Borgess hospitals.

Newschannel 3 spoke to leaders with the group to see how much money is needed to finish these projects.

The Hospitality House has served this southwest Michigan region for decades, but the time has come for more space and some upgrades.

The goal is to build two houses: one near Borgess and one near Bronson, but they need the public's help.

Over on South Street, in Kalamazoo sits a beautiful historic home that has served as the hospitality house for 30 years.

The house, a free place for families and patients to stay, who travel hours for care at both Bronson and Borgess hospitals.

"We know people heal better when their families are nearby," said Hospitality House Executive Director Judy Markusee-Paget.

But she adds the old house needs some serious upgrades.

"Old is the key word there. 157 years old; it is costly to maintain that house. To heat it, to cool it in the summer, and we are not handicap accessible over there," she said.

So they launched a $4.8 million campaign to build two new houses near each hospital.

The Homebuilders Association of West Michigan jumped in to take care of the labor, and work on the first house near Borgess has already begun.

"We are still asking for help from the community for that last bit, the $800,000 so we can have two new," Markusee-Paget said.

The two buildings will provide double the number of rooms currently available.

Bronson Hospital Senior Vice President Dr. Scott Larson says both hospital and hospitality have the same Latin root--a word that means chamber and guest, something the Hospitality Houses epitomize.

"It just sort of completes our ability to really care for people that come to this community for care," Dr. Larson said.

These new houses will have private rooms and bathrooms and double the kitchen appliances.

To learn more about the campaign to fund these and how you can help, click here.

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