Homeowners near Lake Doster dealing with brown, yellow water

ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Some homeowners are upset after weeks dealing with brown water in Allegan County.

The homes affected are those near Lake Doster, in Gun Plain Township.

The township has been working to solve the problem, but says it can't figure out what's turning the water brown.

Township Supervisor Michael Vandenberg says the issue has actually been going on for about a year, on-and-off.

Crews dug up the water line to take a closer look inside it, but at this point, they say they still have no idea what's causing the brown water.

"You can see sediment in it," Vandenberg said.

Vandenberg says homeowners on Eagle Greens Court have been bringing in water in all shades of yellow and brown, but the township can't figure out why.

"We had our wells inspected and checked," Vandenberg said. "We've had the water tower checked and the engineers told us it wasn't coming from the water tower, so it's gotta be somehwere in the line."

The township has also flushed the line and cut it open to put a camera inside.

"Unfortunately, we didn't find anything that was causing the problem," Vandenberg said. "The line was clean."

While Vandenberg is frustarted, so are those whose drinking water is discolored.

"I'm concerned and I would like to see the township get to the bottom of this and solve it, because it's not right," said homeowner Jerry Bray.

In the meantime, Bray says it's a process to get clear water.

"This is drinking water that has been boiled, and I've filtered it through a coffee filter, and I've got more over there that I just finished boiling a little while ago, so I'll filter that as well," he explained.

The next step for the town is to flush two nearby lines, in hopes they can pinpoint the problem.

"It's gotta be coming from somewhere," Vandenberg said.

Now, the township says if flushing the other two lines doesn't work, then they'll have to bring in an engineering firm to take a look at the entire system.

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