Historic buildings vandalized at park in Hastings

Historic buildings vandalized at park in Hastings. (WWMT Jason Heeres)

Hastings police are searching for vandals who broke windows and cost the city several thousand dollars to clean up three historic buildings.

Newschannel 3's Christine VanTimmeren reported in Hastings to show us some of the damage to a building at Fish Hatchery Park.

Some windows are missing from a historic building at Fish Hatchery Park and police think someone threw rocks at the windows from both the inside and the outside.

The buildings are full of historical significance and some date back to the early 1900's. A history to make the community proud.

Hastings Police Deputy Chief Dale Boulter said, “Very nice old building. Just had a brand new roof put on it. So they try to keep it up as much as possible.”

The city is being set back thousands of dollars to fix what vandals are destroying. Last week the Hastings Department of Public Services crews found shattered glass, kicked in doors and graffiti at three buildings in the park.

Boulter said, “Nearly 50 percent of the windows were broken to some extent.”

The old leaded windows are original to the hatchery building and Boulter said it's disappointing for him and citizens to see that history blatantly disrespected.

Boulter said, “There's a lot of pride in the community they live. So it's very disheartening to them knowing that something happened like this.”

Police were able to lift fingerprints from items in and around the building. Once those are processed, Boulter hopes they have a lead, because there is not much to go on.

Boulter said, “We are asking for help from the public. If they saw anything, if they heard anything to contact us.”

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