Hearing today looks at cause of rise in energy bills for Michigan families

Courtesy: MGN Graphics

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Families are now dealing with the worst part of winter -- the electricity bills.

There are a number of reports from Michigan families about skyrocketing bills this year. In some cases, families reported paying double or triple their normal bill.

Michigan Representative Gary Glenn said that is because of laws restricting a free market when it comes to public utilities.

He is proposing Michigan customers have more choices to help keep costs down.

"It's not just a matter of bringing down the cost of energy. It's about bringing back some sense of customer satisfaction and not leaving people in a place where they don't have any choice," Rep. Glenn (R/District 98) said.

Rep. Glenn, who is on the House Energy Policy Committee, is holding a hearing Tuesday in Lansing to look at what is causing the price spike and what can be done to fix it.

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