Gun violence prevention town hall held at Kalamazoo Public Library

Gun violence prevention town hall held at Kalamazoo Public Library.

Gun safety advocates and Democratic congressional candidates gathered at the Kalamazoo Public Library to talk about gun violence prevention.

The discussion centered on gun ownership safety, school security and possible gun control measures.

The panel included some Democratic candidates for Michigan's 6th Congressional District. U.S. Congressman Fred Upton was not able to attend, but he did have a representative at the meeting.

Emma Hilgart-Griff, a Loy Norrix High School junior, said, “I know for me, even though I'm not old enough to vote yet, I want to know where the candidates stand especially on gun control because it's such a prominent issue.

Student organizers from local high schools said the meeting was designed to educate voters about the beliefs of each candidate.

Hilgart-Griff said, "Our canvassing is a big way we're promoting what we're trying to do which is common sense gun ownership and ownership safety. We want to make it clear we're not trying to take your guns away, we just want to make you safer."

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