Gas station clerk helps save woman who was randomly shot

Gas station clerk helps save woman who was randomly shot.

Police continue their search for a man they say randomly shot a woman as she was driving near a school in the Battle Creek area.

A gas station clerk who helped save her life spoke exclusively with Newschannel 3 about what happened.

The woman who was shot in the hip is at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo recovering. Police described her injuries as non-life threatening, but the status of her condition is unknown at this point.

James Rogers, the man who held her and kept her calm until help came, said he's praying for her quick recovery.

It was just before 5 a.m. Thursday, things were slow at a BP Gas Station on Dickman Road in Springfield.

Rogers said he was finishing up his shift when chaos unfolded.

"She just said, 'Can you call help, can you call 911, I think I've been shot,'" Rogers said.

The woman came running into the store with a gunshot wound to the hip and Rogers said he was taken aback, but quickly took action.

"I held her a good 10 - 15 minutes before the paramedics arrived," Rogers said.

The woman was panicking, unable to say much other than she feared for her life.

"She just kept on saying, 'Don't let me die.' I wanted to get her mind as far a way from that and get her focused on talking to me," Rogers said.

The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office said the woman was driving near Valley View Elementary when she saw a man walking in the road.

"She saw him at the last second, swerved to avoid him and, at that point, she heard the shots being fired at her vehicle," said Calhoun County Sheriff Lt. Kevin Callahan.

Callahan said that's when she drove to the gas station where Rogers happened to be on duty.

"To have someone's life in your hands, it's a bigger ordeal than what most people think," Rogers said.

Rogers said this ordeal reinforced his belief that people should always be willing to help others.

"In fact I'm going to go get trained in some of the situations like this so I can better care for somebody, God forbid, that happens again," he said.

Police are describing the shooting as an isolated incident and say there's no danger to the public. They don't have much in terms of a description of the suspect other than he is a man who was wearing jeans and a longer style dark-colored coat.

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