Furlong pleads guilty to 2nd degree murder in Parrack death

CENTREVILLE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The man who admitted to killing Jodi Parrack and leaving her body in a Constantine cemetery eight years ago pleaded guilty in court Thursday.

It's a story Newschannel 3 has been following very closely over the years, and we were there when Daniel Furlong was arrested.

Furlong opened up to a judge on Thursday, admitting to killing Parrack, and planning to kill another girl just this year.

The prosecutor's message was simply: We're not done.

Our cameras were not allowed in court today, to capture the few words Daniel Furlong passed along to a judge.

Most of the information came out Wednesday in a 6-hour-long interview with state police.

"I knew that he was still around; I could feel that the person was around still done it," said Parrack's grandmother, Linda Allbaugh.

Furlong requested to speak with them, and told them what they'd been waiting to hear for years. The 65-year-old admitted to killing 11-year-old Jodi Parrack.

He says he was out cleaning his garage in Constantine when she rode her bike by his house.

Furlong says he lured Parrack in, zip-tied her hands behind her back, put her in a boat in the garage, sexually assaulted her, and then suffocated her with a Meijer shopping bag.

He then drove the little girl to the darkest place in the cemetery, where she would be found hours later.

"I would be shocked if there weren't other incidents out there that he's been involved in," said Lieutenant Chuck Christensen, with Michigan State Police.

Furlong told detectives he had every intention of doing the same to 10-year-old MacKenizie Stafford earlier this year. The girl was also out on a bike ride, and Furlong was again cleaning his garage.

He says he threatened her with a knife and assaulted her before she got away.

"I am sure Jodi wasn't the first, and I hope to God MacKenzie will be the last," said her mother, Cathie Stafford.

Furlong's DNA was taken when he was arrested for hurting MacKenzie, and it proved a positive match for blood found on Jodi's sweater and saliva found on her chest.

A list of names of all the little girls that lived in the White Pigeon neighborhood was found hanging in Furlong's garage.

Furlong entered a guilty plea to second degree murder.

Four charges in the Parrack case were dropped, as well as the Stafford case.

Furlong will be granted immunity and issued a polygraph test going forward. The prosecutor says he believes Furlong is responsible for other crimes in St. Joseph County.

He even says they've questioned him in the Brittany Beers homicide, out of Sturgis.

Sentencing was set for Furlong in January of 2016.

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