Fraud investigation underway after Allegan home sold to two families

Fraud investigation underway after Allegan home sold to two families. (WWMT/Anna Giles)

A West Michigan woman takes legal action after she discovered a home she bought in Allegan County was sold to someone else before she could move in.

The Allegan County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case and they are still trying to find the person who reportedly made deals with two families. It is a case that’s going to end in heart break for somebody.

Shannon Bandick spoke with her attorney downtown Allegan on Wednesday. He believes she’s the rightful owner who signed a contract before the other family moved into the property on 106th Avenue in rural Allegan County.

Bandick says she saw the property in an ad on Facebook and met with the owner on March 28 to sign a land contract and make a down payment of $15,000.

She said, "We kept going to the court trying to file our contract and we couldn’t because she owed back taxes. We kept hounding her and in the contract she said she would have the back taxes paid by April 29."

When Bandick and her family tried to move in earlier this month there was already another family there who had the deed to the house. Bandick sought out an attorney.

She said, "She never disclosed to them about our contract, never disclosed to us their contract. So who gets the house?"

The Allegan County undersheriff says his office is investigating a potential fraud complaint in the case.

Bandick said her attorney believes she has the right to the house, since her contract was signed before the deed was handed over to the other family.

Bandick said, "Get the judge to sign our order for our home that with real estate contracts ours is first. It doesn’t matter when it was registered, it matters when it was signed and ours was signed first."

Bandick says this has been a tough lessoned learned.

She said, “We were just wanting to get moved and have our new place and just kind of overlooked a lot of stuff. Going back and re-reading stuff, we should have seen the signs."

Bandick says the other family who secured the deed for the home had made a down payment of $37,000.

At this point the property seller is nowhere to be found.

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