Former Kalamazoo Strong adviser sentenced to probation following plea deal

24-year-old Kaiser was accused of embezzling more than $4,000 from the charity that was intended for victims and survivors of the Kalamazoo Biking Tragedy and Kalamazoo Uber Shooting. (WWMT/Contributed)

Former Kalamazoo Strong charity adviser Rachel Kaiser, 34, was sentenced to 24-months probation Monday after she pleaded guilty to one count of using a computer to commit a crime in July.

Kaiser was accused of embezzling more than $4,000 from Kalamazoo Strong, a charity intended for victims and survivors of the Kalamazoo biking tragedy and Kalamazoo Uber shooting. On Monday, July 23, Kaiser struck a plea deal before Kalamazoo County Circuit Court Judge Gary Giguere, Jr. that dropped the embezzlement charge.

Kalamazoo County Judge Gary Giguere said not only has this case tarnished Kaiser's good name and reputation, it also reopened wounds of the people she was trusted to serve.

Giguere says he hopes this sentencing will help restart the healing process for those impacted by the Kalamazoo shooting rampage and bike crash.

He said, “The defendant here inexplicably and completely abused her position of trust. She was willing for whatever the reason trash her reputation, honesty and doing the right thing. She was willing to trash personal relationships, professional relationships.”

The charity was designed to support victims and families of the Kalamazoo shooting and bike crash.

When a judge asked Kaiser why she did this Kaiser told him she couldn't answer.

She says her actions were a lapse of judgement

Kaiser said, “I am remorseful to the community and to those personal relationships that were broken.”

The plea-deal also required Kaiser to pay a $5,000 restitution to Kalamazoo Strong before her sentencing. The court confirmed her payment was completed on Monday.

Correction: An early version of the story indicated Rachel Kaiser was 24-years-old. She is 34.


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