Former Kalamazoo nurse sentenced for stealing patients' seizure medicine

    Former Kalamazoo nurse charged for stealing patients' seizure medicine (WWMT/MGN).

    Home health nurse Kristie Ann Mollohan, 42, formerly of Kalamazoo, was sentenced to 82 months in federal prison on Wednesday for stealing seizure medicine from disabled patients.

    Mollohan, who currently lives in Cosby, Tennessee, pleaded guilty to two counts of drug tampering in May 2018.

    The former nurse worked for a home health company and admitted to stealing Valium from three patients in August 2016.

    All three patients were completely disabled and relied on the Valium to suppress life-threatening seizures. Mollohan said she replaced the stolen medication with water or saline solution.

    The former nurse acknowledged that her actions led to one of her patients having a life-threatening seizure.

    While imposing the sentence, U.S. District Judge Gordon Quist called Mollohan’s conduct “reprehensible.” He emphasized that patients must rely on medical professionals to be honest and act professionally, to administer patients’ drugs and not steal them.

    The U.S. Attorney’s Office noted in a statement that federal drug tampering involves the “reckless disregard for the risk that another person will be placed in danger of death or bodily injury and under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to such risk.”

    “Licensed health care professionals who not only steal drugs but then render those drugs dangerous or ineffective are committing a heinous offense," U.S. Attorney Andrew Birge said in a release, "Patients may not know – and in this case may not be able to express -- that something is wrong with their medication until it is too late and they suffer a serious consequence. My office will continue to work with the Food and Drug Administration as well as state and local investigators to punish and deter professionals who engage in such deceitful and dangerous conduct.”

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