Former Athens teacher accused of sex crimes arraigned on new charges

Former Athens teacher charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct. (WWMT/File)

A former Athens High School teacher accused of criminal sexual conduct with a student was arraigned Friday on new charges related to interfering with the investigation.

Tyler Millward was charged Friday with obstruction of justice and interfering with a witness. He was previously charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct involving a student between July 2017 and January 2018, when the student was 16, and he was a teacher at Athens High School.

Millward appeared Friday by video in Calhoun County District Court, where Magistrate David Heiss read the new charges.

In count one, Heiss charged Millward with a felony of bribing, intimidating or interfering with a witness in a criminal case, which carries a max possible penalty of 10 years in prison, or $20,000 in fines plus costs. Heiss said the incidents occurred on or around Feb. 20, 2018, up to Nov. 1, 2018, in Calhoun County.

In count two, Heiss charged Millward with a felony of inducing and procuring his alleged criminal sexual conduct victim to recant allegations of sexual conduct between them, and claiming police pressured and manipulated her into making those claims. Heiss said the incidents during the same time and in the same place as the charges of interfering with a witness. The felony obstruction of justice charge carries a max penalty of five years in prison, or $10,000 fines post cost

Millward was also awaiting trial on embezzlement charges.

His trial for alleged criminal sexual conduct was expected set to start in March, and he faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted on those charges.

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