Flooding aftermath continues to affect Kalamazoo

Even though the rain has stopped, flooding is now a major concern across West Michigan.

Even though the rain has stopped, flooding is now a major concern across West Michigan.

Right now, a portion of Crosstown Parkway remains closed, as well as a number of Kalamazoo city streets.

In fact, there are several vehicles still stranded in the water. Yesterday Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety rescued 10 people from vehicles stranded in the water.

Jacob Ludeker of Portage spent the day walking through flooded areas in Kalamazoo.

“I kind of like seeing this flooding coming through,” Ludeker said. “I really wanted to explore it.”

Ludeker said it was more flooding than he has ever seen before.

A day after a torrential rainfall, officials said the area south of downtown Kalamazoo is still underwater.

John Milene owns a tobacco shop on South Burdick Street. He said half of his parking lot is flooded.

“I think the last big one, it was like three days for the water to go away,” Milne said

Milene's shop will reopen tomorrow, but he fears neighboring businesses won't be.

Many roads in the area remain flooded and closed tonight. KDPS said it could be up to 24 hours before they reopen.

In the meantime, police are reminding drivers about the unexpected dangers of driving on flooded roads.

“There are pockets of water that get quite deep, and so you might go through on a passenger car and the next thing you know, you're passing through in a passenger car, and you’re suck water into your air intake, and you're done,” KDPS officer Rafael Diaz said.

Kalamazoo Public Schools announced school buses will not travel on closed or flooded roads tomorrow and warn delays are possible

For a complete list of the city streets that are closed, click here.

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