Freezing rain causes more than 130,000 customers to lose power

    Flash freeze causes more than 120,000 customers to lose power. (WWMT/Consumers Energy)

    Freezing rain caused more than 130,000 Consumers Energy customers in Michigan to lose power Thursday.

    The severe weather conditions began Wednesday, and were expected to continue through Friday. As of noon Thursday, Kalamazoo was not affected by the outages. However, thousands were shown in the Grand Rapids area.

    Preparations: It's advised to store flashlights, candles and snacks around the house. Emergency plans are also recommended for those with powered medical equipment.

    During an outage: Disconnect or turn off electronics, avoid opening the refrigerator or freezer to preserve food, and be cautious when operating backup generators.

    After an outage: Wait 10 to 15 minutes after the power is turned back on to gradually start using electronics; that helps to protect devices and prevent a power system overload. Don't enter a flooded home until you are certain the power is shut off. Discard any questionable, perishable items in the fridge or freezer.

    This has been an ongoing issue throughout the week. For updates on the storm, visit Newschannel 3's weather page.


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