Fireworks store burns in Wyoming, arson suspected

Fire crews are on the scene in Wyoming after a fireworks store caught fire Tuesday morning.

WYOMING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A man is in custody after a series of crimes of Kent County Tuesday morning.

Police believe he's responsible for multiple stolen cars and fires, including one that burned down a fireworks store.

Flames were shooting into the sky along with fireworks at GS Fireworks on 44th Street in Wyoming.

Ashley Clark, who lives near the store, took the cell phone video above.

The fire broke out around 6:30.

Police caught the suspect after a brief chase. They ended up having to ram his car to get him to stop because they say he was driving the wrong way down 36th Street.

That was just one of a series of incidents police tell us they believe the man is responsible for.

The owner of the fireworks store says he's just devastated.

"I seen the black smoke in air and at that point my heat dropped," said David Jewell.

David Jewell tells us he could see the smoke from miles away as he drove to his business to find it destroyed.

Fire crews had to act defensively to get the fire out because they had fireworks shooting out at them the entire time. It took a few hours to get under control and the state fire marshal, along with Kent County arson dogs, have been on scene investigating since.

Jewell tells us he's trying to find a bright side in losing in his livelihood.

"Two days ago that warehouse was completely full of fireworks. This morning there might be 30 or 49 boxes in there. There was a lot of product in the store itself and it's a total shame and a real setback," said Jewell.

Police and fire crews are also looking at the suspect in a number of other incidents, including multiple stolen cars and a fire on the deck of the apartment building behind the fireworks store, along with a third fire at a house nearby.

The suspect was taken to the hospital to be checked out after being hit by police to stop him from running.

At this point police are not identifying the suspect or telling us what charges he will face.

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