Final hearing set for confession evidence in Uber shooting case

Final hearing set for confession evidence in Uber shooting suspect. (WWMT/File)

A trial in Kalamazoo could finally be on the horizon for Jason Dalton, the man accused of killing six people and wounding two others.

After two years of appeals, a panel of three judges will hear arguments over whether his confession, made during the arrest, can be used as evidence in the trial July 10.

Dalton’s defense attorney filed an appeal in June 2017 to squash a confession claiming that it was obtained in violation of Miranda Rights.

A decision was made by the Kalamazoo Circuit Court that the evidence could be used, but was appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals. The decision of the lower court was upheld in September 2017.

The defense asked the Michigan Supreme Court to take up the case, but the Court said it would not hear the case and kicked it back to the appellate court.

According to police documents, Dalton told police that the Uber app controlled him and that the app, “started to make him like a puppet.”

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