Family of hit and run victim asking for tips on suspect vehicle

Family of hit and run victim asking for tips on suspect vehicle. (File - WWMT)

A father desperate to find his son's killer is pleading for help more than two weeks after a deadly hit and run in Van Buren County.

Deputies continue to search for the driver involved in the hit and run that killed Keaton Dorman, 25, and Newschannel 3's Rachel Glaser reported from the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office.

Only about a dozen tips have come in and none have lead investigators in any significant direction, but police and the victim's family are convinced someone knows something.

The day Dorman was supposed to get married, his finance, friends and family held a memorial service.

He was killed in a hit and run while walking his dog in late October.

Wayne Caldwell, Dorman’s step-father, said, “It's heart wrenching.”

Caldwell brought Dorman’s remains home Monday.

He said, “He was my own.”

Dorman's body was found in a ditch off M-43 in Waverly Township, north of Paw Paw. The autopsy shows he was killed on impact.

Caldwell said, “It's pretty bad when you feel that's a blessing, but to us it is.”

He knows his son wasn't lying there, waiting for help.

Van Buren County Sheriff Lt. Jim Charon said, “Somebody out there knows something and if we get just one tip I think that will probably break this case open.”

Van Buren County investigators believe the driver was in a gold or tan 2000 Ford Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis that would have been damaged on the front end and passenger side.

Charon said, “Until the day that car is found we'll be looking for it.”

Dorman was last seen walking his dog just before 1 a.m. Monday, October 30 and was found nearly eight hours later, only because his dog stayed at his side.

Caldwell said, “Something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.”

Nothing will bring back his stepson or take away the pain of losing a child.

He said, “We will miss Keaton the rest of our life.”

The victim's family and Van Buren County investigators ask anyone with information to come forward.

While few tips have come in, the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office is following up on more than 100 possible leads.

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