Family held hostage for nearly an hour as robbers ransacked Calhoun County home

Family held hostage for nearly an hour as robbers ransacked Calhoun County home. (WWMT/Andrew Bisset)

An elderly couple and their great-granddaughter were tied up and robbed at gunpoint early Tuesday morning in their rural Calhoun County home

Three people sleeping when three people entered their home, tied them up and robbed them.

A 13-year-old girl managed to free herself, run across the street to get help and call 911.

The 911 call laid out the nightmare they dealt with for nearly an hour.

911: “They just came over here pounding on the door yelling and said call 911 they've been robbed.”

The pounding on the door came around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday. A 13-year-old girl ran across Division Drive in Newton Township to find help.

Calhoun County Sheriff Detective Sgt. Steve Hinkley said, “This was a very scary situation for these people. The victims in this home invasion we're actually in bed, the light came on in their bedroom and these individuals are standing with a handgun over their bed while they're lying in bed.”

Hinkley said the thieves broke into the home, walked into the master bedroom where the elderly couple was sleeping and woke them up.

Hinkley said, “They made threats to stay quiet and follow all their directions.”

911: “They were tied up for an hour with bags over their heads.”

The robbers ransacked the house.

911: “Pretty much took everything, took their car, took their credit cards, took their ATM cards and held a gun to their head, made them give them their pin codes.”

Investigators said they also grabbed thousands of dollars of jewelry and electronics.

When they took off, they stole the couple's vehicle, which was soon found abandoned in Emmett Township.

Hinkley said, “We received information from other neighbors in the area that there may have been additional suspicious things that are occurring through the neighborhood in the last couple of weeks and we really need to know about that information.”

Police are searching for three people, including at least two men. The gender of the third is unknown.

One man is about 5 feet 10 inches with a stocky build. He was wearing a ball cap underneath a white hoodie and had green and brown camo pants.

The second is also 5 feet 10 inches, with a skinny build. He had a black hoodie.

There was no description of the third suspect.

Agencies around the county have been investigating several home invasions and Hinkley said they will be working with other agencies to share information to find out if any are related.

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