Family Fitness responds to court injunction, customer complaints continue

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Family Fitness spent much of 2017 defending itself against customer complaints, culminating in the form of a cease and desist order from the Michigan Attorney General in July.

Those complaints revolved around billing issues – with some customers claiming the company continued to charge for months following membership cancellations, and with others alleging unfair fees along with false promises.

Most recently, a judge granted a preliminary injunction that would put a temporary stop to some of the gym chain’s business practices.

In a statement provided to Newschannel 3’s I-Team, administrators for Family Fitness acknowledged the injunction.

“Family Fitness is working close with the Attorney General and have made great strides in 2017 and looking forward to growing the Family Fitness brand in 2018,” read the email response sent to Newschannel 3.

According to the West Michigan Better Business Bureau, customer complaints against Family Fitness have lasted throughout the year.

As part of the injunction, Family Fitness is prohibited from the following:

  • “Disallowing, preventing or ignoring any written cancellation made by a consumer seeking to terminate membership or personal training agreement…”
  • “Applying the electronic signature of any Michigan consumer to any agreement without his or her express knowledge or consent…”
  • “Using the promise of prizes to generate business…”

Read the injunction in it's entirety by clicking here.

Phil Catlett, president West Michigan Better Business Bureau, said his agency has been dealing with the Family Fitness complaints for a long time.

"People have been told one thing by the salesperson, but the language of the agreement they sign is different in terms of the fee structure and cancellation charges," Catlett said.

With the temporary injunction granted by a judge, Catlett said those practices should stop for now. But current members should keep a close eye on things.

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