Ex-girlfriend of person of interest in Kalamazoo killing talks about abusive relationship

Ex-girlfriend of Quinn James talks about abusive relationship.

A Wyoming man is a person of interest after a missing Kentwood teen was found dead in Kalamazoo.

Newschannel 3 discovered that Quinn James, 42, was accused of rape in 2017 by Mujey Dumbuya, 16, and she was set to testify against him in April.

James is in Kent County Jail after he was arrested on rape charge unrelated to Dumbuya

Two women, including Dumbuya, have accused James of rape.

Another woman spoke under the condition her identity would be protected about a consensual relationship she had with James in 2016.

She says he threatened violence after she found out he was with another woman.

She said, "I have recordings of me and him talking on the phone and I would send that to her. He said, ‘If you continue to do that, I'll have no problem beating you like I do her.’"

The woman says James lied about his age and threatened to kill her, but she didn't report anything to police out of fear.

She said, "He was also like, ‘I've killed someone with my bare hands in my teenage years and I'm not afraid to go to jail.’"

Friends and family of dumbuya have been frantically searching for answers after her body was discovered more than a week ago in Kalamazoo.

They learned on Wednesday that multiple sources consider James a person of interest in her case.

Jainya Sannoh, Dumbuya’s aunt, said, "At this point in time we are not pointing fingers at anybody, we are going to let law enforcement do their job. Because it’s hard, we have to wait until they come up with what they come up with."

Sannoh said they knew about James and the accusations made against him by Dumbuya as she was preparing for the funeral of the Kentwood teen, which will be held on Saturday, Feb. 10.

She said, "We are trying to hang in there but it's been a very hard week for us and very overwhelming, very devastating."

James was an employee of Kentwood Public Schools during the time Dumbuya was a student at East Kentwood High School.

School leaders said he was fired in 2017 after they learned about assault allegations against him.

Dumbuya's family continues to ask those who know something, to please say something.

Sannoh said, "Just a lot of pressure and questions you know, what really did happen. At this point in time we don’t know, but I'm still pleading to the public that somebody knows something."

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