Effort to recall Albion City Council member has been rescinded


A recall petition against Albion City Council Member Sonya Brown has been rescinded.

Tom Lowe, the sponsor of the petition, cancelled his request in a note sent to the city manager Dec. 6.

"After meeting with her and hearing her explanation of her actions in the evaluation of the City Manager, I am satisfied that she didn't collude with [Mayor] Garrett Brown," Lowe said in his request for cancellation. "In addition, I don't believe she acted inappropriately or used her position to take out any personal vendetta against the city manager."

A recall petition against the mayor is still active, however.

The petitions were filed after Albion City Manager Sheryl Mitchell resigned, in the wake of a poor performance review by the council and mayor.

Mitchell spoke about stepping down during a city council meeting, and dozens of residents packed the meeting asking the council to work with Mitchell, saying she had done good things for Albion, and urging city leaders to work together, or else.

"You need to understand that you represent the people. they put you here, as the old folks used to say- they brought you in and they can take you out. Let’s do what's right, down come down with this in fight, we've got enough fighting and we don't need any more,” said Joyce Spicer, an Albion resident said during that meeting.

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