Echo Valley Winter Sports Park welcomes snow and cold temperatures


Dozens were out today enjoying the slopes at Echo Valley Winter Sports Park in Comstock Township.

The park offers endless winter entertainment including racing down a toboggan track at 60 MPH or sliding down a 500-foot tubing hill.

Echo valley relies on mother nature to create the snow, so the park couldn’t have asked for a better week.

"We are actually thrilled to have this weather,” Melody Stirk, manager at Echo Valley, said. “This is the first time we've been open during the Christmas holidays for the last two years."

"We are out here enjoying Pure Michigan,” Dylan Butler said. “The snow is beautiful, we needed something to do today."

Echo Valley offers tubing and tobogganing for $18, whether you are a child or an adult.

If you want to brave the cold, the park will be open for New Year’s Eve.

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