Drivers battled messy roads in West Michigan on Wednesday

Drivers still battle messy roads in West Michigan. (WWMT Zack Lawler)

Drivers have been battling snowy and icy conditions across West Michigan all evening.

Many roads are slick and hard to get traction on.

Evening traffic on a busy Kalamazoo road came to a standstill on Wednesday because of weather and some drivers were forced to back up, the wrong way, down the hill.

Heavy snow turns hills like the one on Westnedge Ave. into a hazard. Car tires squealing, trying to get traction and engines working hard to keep moving forward, but some cars were forced to back down.

Shannon Larkin, a Kalamazoo driver, said, “It's not the kind of weather you want to play around with going up a hill like this, it's very easy to get into an accident."

Larkie was on the scene as it all unfolded. His background in the military as a motor transport officer gave him the confidence to guide cars trying to back down the hill to safety.

He said, "It's the same thing every year, except this is the first time I have ever seen this. I see a lot of cars are still trying, but the ones that are making sense are actually going this way."

He called 911 and informed first responders about the standstill traffic jam.

Larkie said, "If they have someone in the car have somebody try and ground guide them, don’t do it yourself. Just like I did the young lady who pulled off there."

Area tow truck drivers say they are busy responding to multiple crashes.

William Kline, Lightning Recovery tow truck driver, said, “Mostly driving too fast for conditions. Instead of making the curve many of them have gone straight."

Kline's advice if you ever get stuck in the snow:

He said, "Don’t over steer. Don’t panic, that's what most people do and they slide even farther."

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