Driver repeatedly crashed into fire station in Schoolcraft, causing considerable damage

Driver repeatedly crashed into fire station in Schoolcraft, causing considerable damage

A driver intentionally and repeatedly crashed into a fire station in Kalamazoo County Tuesday night, according to Schoolcraft Police.

Oil stains on the street show the driver crashed, reversed and hit the gas, not once but three times.

“He did it with purpose, definitely,” said Battalion Chief Shawn Westfall.

According to police, the driver, a 59-year-old man from Grand Rapids, is still hospitalized with minor injuries. His name is not being released at this time because no charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing.

“We don't have any clue why he did what he did,” Westfall said.

Tire tracks inside the garage show the crash pushed a parked SUV several feet. Then the red Jeep plowed into the front of the Fire Chief’s office.

“Pulled back out of there, lined up again, came in through the larger door, hit our tanker,” Westfall said.

Two garage doors and two vehicles were also damaged, cost estimated are still being totaled.

The biggest blow to the fire station is its water tanker trunk, knocked out of service in a rural area, where fire hydrants are hard to come by.

The only firefighter inside the station at the time of the crash, Jacob Boven, didn’t hear anything from the workout room until the emergency call went out over the radio.

A crash reported at the South Kalamazoo County Fire Station 1 in Schoolcraft sent firefighters rushing to their own department.

Westfall said, “It was a little different for my guys coming responding to the station that we usually pull vehicles out of to help people and it was actually inside our station.”

Although confused by what happened, Boven grabbed his gear and began to evaluate the suspect’s injuries.

Boven said care came first, then questions, but the driver did not offer any explanation.

Boven said, “He wasn’t talking to me, he wouldn’t talk to me.”

Firefighters at the scene say they didn’t not recognize the man from Grand Rapids.

Westfall said, “I personally don’t think it was an attack on this fire department I think it was an act of anger.”

The station in Schoolcraft get help from neighboring departments to respond to calls as they await repairs.

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