Dog missing after Kalamazoo family crash on I-80 found in Pennsylvania

Dog missing after Kalamazoo family crash on I-80 found in Pennsylvania. (WWMT/Contributed Jessica Alvarez)

Through the power of social media, the kindness of strangers and sheer determination, a Kalamazoo dog missing after a crash was found in Pennsylvania this week.

Jessica Alvarez camped out in a stranger’s backyard in central Pennsylvania for several days to find her puppy, Nash, because the 10-month-old Rottweiler-mix went missing Dec. 26 after a crash on the highway.

For 12 days she and many others in a town she’s never been helped search for Nash.

“If Nash is outside, I’m outside and I sat out there,” Alvarez said, “I sat out there freezing cold with warmers everywhere just cooking," she said.

She grilled meat to try to lure her dog back to the area where he was reportedly seen.

“I was on a tarp with a camping chair, I had like a moving blanket,” Alvarez said.

She put out traps and cameras while she camped out. On Monday, 12 days after Nash ran off, he reappeared off near the woods by Alvarez’s campsite.

“He was terrified, he looked feral. He looked like a wild dog. He didn’t look like himself,” Alvarez said.

She got down in the snow and started to sing in hopes the song would remind Nash of home.

If only I could have a puppy
I’d call myself so very lucky
Just to have some company
To share a cup of tea with me

Alvarez said she sings “The Puppy Song” around her house in Kalamazoo. It took an hour of singing to get Nash closer and closer until she could grab hold of his collar and Nash melted into her lap.

“It took twelve days, 12 days!” Alvarez said, “I have wind burn on my face, I lost weight, I’m just as exhausted as these guys but it was worth every second because if I hadn’t stayed I would never have him back.”

Nash and Alvarez’s English Bulldog, Jordy, were lost following a car crash the day after Christmas.

Alvarez, 33, and her boyfriend Gary Vetter, 38, were traveling on Interstate 80 in central Pennsylvania when a deer crossed their path. They were returning to Kalamazoo after spending Christmas in New York. While swerving to miss the deer, the car flipped three times.

Asleep in the passenger seat, Alvarez felt her boyfriend arm fling across her chest, then everything went dark.

When the two awoke, relatively unharmed, their two dogs were gone.

“We were just terrified running up and down the highway,” Alvarez said, “That was probably the worst feeling ever.”

She was taken away by ambulance, not knowing where her dogs were or if they were still alive.

Jordy was found about 36 hours after the crash. Alvarez said it was good because the old bulldog has “no survival skills.”

Jordy received stitches and quickly regained the weight she lost while missing.

Nash dropped at least 10 pounds and is doing well, happy to be back at home with his warm bed and family.

While it may seem their journey is over, it is really just beginning. The two dogs gained quite the following on social media in the search to find them. Now they have their own pages on Instagram and Facebook where you can follow The Adventures of Jordy and Nash.

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