Details of kidnap, rape, and murder plot revealed as two more suspects arraigned


    Two accused pedophiles who police say shared plans to kidnap, rape, and murder a child to carry out their sick desires appeared before a Branch County judge Tuesday.

    Michigan State Police investigators say Talia Furman, 32, Matthew Toole, 32, David Bailey, 37, and Jayme Lapointe, 19, planned a diabolical scheme targeting children.

    Branch County Judge Brent Weigle said, “The court has not seen a case like this in the courts 32 years in the criminal justice system, as a prosecutor, as a defense attorney, as a magistrate or as a judge. I'm greatly concerned about the risk to public safety."

    The four adults have now been arraigned in a child porn ring that has law enforcement and a judge on edge.

    A Branch County judge revealed details presented by police about a coordinated conspiracy between Furman, Toole and their two co-defendants which investigators uncovered.

    Weigle said, “There are allegations, ma'am, that if true would link you with a plan to abduct and kidnap a little child to sexually abuse and torture that child, to then murder that child."

    MSP detectives cracked the case open after they say they found videos of Lapointe sexually abusing a baby she was babysitting on her phone, which led them to text messages detailing their horrific plan to kidnap a child at a local fair.

    Weigle said, “To then murder that child and there was some plans of how to dispose of the body as well, discussions about where to do it, whether it would be at a Walmart or Meijer."

    Fighting back tears during the hearing Tuesday afternoon, Furman listened to the string of charges the 32-year-old mother and Toole face.

    Child pornography, text messages, and emails exchanged within the group about targeting children is what investigators say helped bust the case wide open. The affidavit exposing their correspondence.

    Weigle said, “A lot of the comments in the affidavit are followed by LOL, which I'm told means laugh out loud."

    The bond for all four suspects has been set at $5 million, because of the nature and risk to public safety.

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