Deputies investigate a string of vehicle break ins across Allegan County

    Deputies investigate a string of vehicle break ins across Allegan County. (WWMT/Callie Rainey)

    The Allegan County Sheriff's Office investigated a string of vehicle larcenies that occurred throughout January.

    Cassandra Knauss, an employee of M-89 Cinemas in Plainwell, reported having items stolen from her vehicle.

    "It's very disrespectful. I don't know why you come in here and take someone else's belongings that aren't yours. One of my shoes were stolen. Yes one. My duffel bag of clothes. A couple car chargers were taken. She had her wallet, money in there. Neither of those taken though,” said Knauss.

    She said although she was mad and upset she was thankful for the help of both the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office and her managers at the theater.

    M-89 Cinemas manager Chaney Moore said the theater has safety procedures in place to prevent theft and break ins. He also said renovations were made with safety top of mind.

    “Anybody that comes to the movies, this is a fun safe place. We’ve found people looking in the windows before and I shooed them away. We try everyday to have at least somebody go outside and clean the parking lot. Kind of deters people,” Moore said.

    Allegan County Sheriff Lt. Brett Ensfield said it’s important for people to remember to take precautions to avoid being a victim , because people look for any opportunity in sight.

    He asked for victims to always report thefts no matter the value of the item stolen and if you see anything suspicious call police right away.

    “Keep your car as clean as possible. All your purses, cell phone, anything of value hidden. I would recommend not leaving inside your vehicle. Until we know this is going on we don’t just drive through parking lots looking for this until we know there’s a problem,” Ensfield said.

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