Defendant nodded off during a preliminary hearing of a dog fighting ring

Farrington was caught nodding off during portions of the hearing. (WWMT/Andrew Bisset)

A man nodded off during a preliminary hearing where he is facing multiple dog fighting-related charges.

The hearing was held on Monday for Craig Farrington and Latshaw Porch to decide whether there was enough evidence to send the cases to trial.

Farrington was caught nodding off during portions of the hearing. Several pit bulls were seized from his home in Springfield during Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office investigation into dog fighting from April 2017.

Calhoun County District Court Judge James Norlander said his decision wither to send the case to trial will be issued next week.

Ryan Aggers, another suspect in the case, had contact with both defendants and the Calhoun County Prosecutor’s Office is arguing that they were involved in a dog fighting ring that involved multiple states.

Calhoun County deputies served four search warrants in October and seized dogs from two of the homes.

Calhoun County Sheriff Sgt. Katrina Herrington said, “The dog was outside of that when we got there on a chain, a tire axle with large chain and it was obvious it was a circular pattern that the dog was running.”

Herrington testified that a break stick, commonly used by dog fighters, was found at Farrington's home.

She says there were also text messages between the defendants and others alluding to dog fighting.

The veterinarian who examined the dogs testified that they were thin and that she noticed scabbing, but says there is no indication that they had already been fought and couldn't say whether they were being conditioned to fight.

According to court documents Aggers is due in court Tuesday morning to enter a plea deal in his animal fighting case.

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