Decatur police tight-lipped about death investigation

    Decatur police tight-lipped about death investigation. (WWMT/Jason Heeres)

    Police in Van Buren County are investigating after body was found at a home in Decatur.

    Officers say they can’t say much about the Tuesday investigation at the home near Mason Street and South George Street since they're still working to learn more details themselves, but they want to reassure people there is no danger to the public.

    Police say they want to have all details in order before revealing anything else, since so many people may feel the impact of this unexpected loss.

    Decatur Police Sgt. Ted Rigg said, “It's tough on everybody here, the neighbors, everybody. It's like having a big family in a lot of ways for most of these folks.”

    The body is currently at WMed for an autopsy, which is scheduled for Wednesday.

    Investigators said the autopsy results will help them find out what caused the death and where the investigation heads.

    Officers arrived at the home around midnight and spent about 14 hours collecting evidence.

    They aren't releasing the victim name or gender because they're still trying to get in touch of family members.

    The home owner has been speaking with the Decatur police chief.

    Decatur police are thanking the several agencies that are stepping in to help with the investigation, like the Van Buren County detectives and Michigan State Police Crime Lab.

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