Dash cam captures moments Coloma Township patrol car hit by sliding truck on icy I-94

Dashcam video obtained from Coloma Township shows the moments after an officer's patrol vehicle, with the officer inside, was hit by a sliding tractor-trailer rig on an icy Interstate 94 on Jan. 3, 2018. (WWMT/Contributed)

When a multi-car pileup shut down Interstate 94 in Van Buren County on Jan. 3, among the injured was a Coloma Township police officer who had responded to the crashes.

The officer, who was inside his parked car when a tractor-trailer rig slid into him, was taken to a hospital with minor injuries, then treated and released, a spokesman for the department said. He spent some time at home, but recovered.

The patrol car was on the shoulder. And the truck, which lost control on the icy pavement, hit the officer’s car from the rear. The moments of the impact, as the officer's vehicle takes the hit and then slides forward, was captured on the patrol car's dashboard camera. Immediately after the impact, the patrol car slides to the right around another car parked on the shoulder, and the truck slides to the left, coming into view of the dash cam.

Watch Newschannel 3 tonight as the Coloma Township officer talks to reporter Anna Giles about those moments captured on the video, and afterward.

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